4 and 20 Years to Go

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4 and 20 Years to Go by Robert Hamill

4 and 20 years ago, Stephen's sweet song of bitter seeds

4 and 20 years to go, a future, clouds in Carly's coffee

Love and fire, ashen in an empty nest

Career and demands, delighted in the rear view

Children repeating some of our mistakes

Yet surprising with wise choices

Grandkids bouncing, words streaming

Bubbling conversation, Maharishi's delight.

4 and 20 years to go

Relish the past

Cherish the future.

Ideas stockpiled, no time before

Knowledge holes, choose to close

Tunnel through mind bugs and stereotypes

Organize mites of wisdom,

Between days of doctors and procedures

Family activities and birthday parties,

Bind into explanations

Of lifetime puzzles.

In 4 and 20 years

The past won't change, yet ignore at peril

Future, still fresh and open, to choices now

Happiness and success still being weighed

Which eulogy will be written, with

4 and 20 years to go?