Unexpected Discovery

She lacks romance, begs a chance.

He presses shirt for surprising date
Her hair is blonde and coiffed and quite perfect
Wonders at her interest, tamps down his hopes
So when disappointed, he’s not abashed.

He instinctively questions, analytic, scientific
She drinks biblical wisdom,
Follows the dictates of her church,
Donates her time to those less blessed.

She suggests uplifting speaker at church
He counters “Planet of the Apes”
Later at coffee house, he praises limitless vistas
She reminds him, God makes the prospects.

In the car, beside her poised beauty
Pink blooms on her soft cheeks
She raises a hand, he imagines a benediction.

He ventures that everything should be questioned
Reminded, the Bible has all answers
He leans back, steals an appraising look.

She agrees to his request
An early end, he has a morning job
She has an early counsel.

It shakes him
A beautiful girl who does not attract
Unexpected discovery.

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