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Truth or Utility

What does science know about reality? Since science works from particulars, how can it claim to give universal truths? I think of science as a collection of ideas, organizing empirical facts. That is, scientific laws are contingent on what facts we have. They are to be measured, in my opinion, not by their truth, but…

Short Story Reality

A question that pops up semi-regularly:  How is a short story different from reality? First, in a short story all the facts, attitudes, and actions are focused on a single idea.  If the idea is that the search for excitement can lead you to dangerous places, then mentioning nice flowers don’t forward the story, so…

Alien Sofa

My Favorite Martian

“Watch the sofa arms,” Edgar warned the movers as they approached his front door. With the sofa replacing his old armchair, he would have comfortable seats for all members of the philosophy reading group. They could sit and discuss reality in comfort. No one would be forced into hard-backed chairs.