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Another Ball in the Air

Some politician’s words remind me of a scheme of an old boss of mine. I asked my boss after a department meeting, “Why did you suggest the company do such an oddball project? You already complain that we can’t even finish the projects we have.” He chuckled, then gazed at me through half-lidded eyes. “Whenever…

Meetings in Small Project Development Shops

If you’ve ever been in a small shop just starting up with a single project, you may experience some difficult situations arising from uncertainty over project roles.

The principal of the shop probably had the idea for the software and the technical skills to convince some backers that his idea was feasible. Then he discovers he doesn’t have time to do everything that needs to be done.

Rules of Thumb

Talking over the weekend about software development, reminded me of some rules of thumb I used to bring some order to the thicket of possibilities in software development.