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A Successful Poem

Kick in the Keester

You get what you deserve The anthem of the successful I  earned what I got The poor deserve what they get The self-satisfied pat on one’s own back And the well-deserved kick in the keester for the poor               A contrary view,        


Irene, dark-haired and intelligent Mind pure, uncluttered by uncertainty Summer begun for her Passing Cylburn’s greenhouses God wouldn’t allow evil in her world Only the pure would dare approach her. Carl’s long strides along the path Relieved his stress No cutting father, no meek mother Past the rows of warm azaleas A world of beauty…


She fit so easy, her head on his shoulder They laughed.  He revealed his hopes. She warmed with dreams He gave his heart; though more than she desired.   Too intellectual, not romantic enough Was that his fault?   A new she, athletic and jogger, the image of vitality They listened to music, laughed at…