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Patterns and Creative Work

Patterns are good to start creative work, but concrete details are needed to be understandable to others and to finish the creation.

An example, I know a person who uses ‘always’ when something happens twice in a row, no matter the prior history. Two occurrences in a row becomes always to her. That type of assertion occasionally leads to faulty decisions.

Are You Rational?

In some discussions, if you claim a person is not being rational, it’s an insult of their ability to think.    I’d like to reclaim some positive territory for the act of thinking in a non-rational way.  How is that even possible? If you are not thinking rationally, aren’t you irrational, illogical?  No, there is another…

Two Methods of Thinking

Pattern-matching, like analogy, where we treat partial matches like exact fits. It’s possible to make errors. It’s possible to jump to a good answer without complete information. This is the source of much intuition and creativity.

Two Cultures

Does your teacher explain things from simple axioms or does she explain by gestalt, showing you examples after examples until you eventually recognize the pattern? C. P. Snow wrote of two cultures.  The two styles of teaching yield an insight into the two cultures. Science is axiomatic.  Subjects that yearn to be sciences – psychology,…

Intuition and Reasoning

The brain can draw conclusions in two ways – logical and pattern-matching.  Another way to say it is – by reasoning or by intuition. Logical/reasoning (planning situation handling), we’re all familiar with.  We use facts and rules of logic to draw conclusions.  This is an advanced mode of thinking that took many eons to evolve.…