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Bingo Day

Bingo Day card

Most of my year at St. Jerome grammar school was a pleasure, but Bingo Day in the 8th grade was an exception.

Mr. Catastrophe

I lifted the window pole to open the front window from the top. Out the bottom of my eye, I saw a boy about my age, wearing a small dark yarmulke, playing on the schoolyard blacktop. The Jewish kids had the day off. Not us. I dawdled when I got to the back window, watching the boy. He extended his right hand grasping some yellow thing and pulled on a string. A brilliant yellow whirly bird spun up into the September breeze.

Fiction to Wiki

I’m getting a message on my Uncommon Ground blog that I can buy the future security of the site. Just the impetus I need to move those stories and poems to my wiki. I’ve started with Crazy Frazy and Staircase of Science


A short story loosely based on a youthful adventure in Pimlico. The statue of limitations has expired. I considered getting a photograph
of the old building, but decided not to wander down that deadend alley again.