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Wet Weather

Wet Weather publ. in MENSA Best of the Best

The sky, greyed with storm clouds, hid the motions of the rain person. Between each drop and within many shadows moved the person who caused that which has no cause.

Deep in His Own Well

Who is the man Sandy is talking to?
Oh, never mind. To see Michel Fokine dance to the music of Stravinsky would be heaven indeed.

Black Hole Derivation

Schwarzchild radius

I was fiddling around with a particle accelerating to the speed of light in a gravitational field and arrived at the Schwarzchild radius. A nice surprise 24 years ago.


In 1980, just out of college, I got an internship in a large company to do revenue forecasting. The combination of economics and math was right up my line, so I was hot to show how sharp I was.