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Learning by Ignoring Details

Input enters black box. output exits

Lately I have been trying to see if I can program the Propeller microcontroller chip to act like a neuron. Using the Hydra kit—propeller chip, SPIN programming language, and peripheral drivers pre-coded for a game machine—I’m overwhelmed by the eight hundred page guide, the intricate links between the components, and the electrical know-how presumed but…

Brainstorm Short Circuit

When my right hand shaking started to affect my hand writing, I converted fairly easily to keyboard writing. I’d been programming a computer since my early 30s. Yet, when it continued worsen and I could no longer draw boxes, label them, and connect them with arrows, I lost a lot of brainstorming ability. I had…

Decision Model Ethics

I recently finished a class, Ethics in Literature. In it, the focus was extreme cases—Frankenstein, Antigone, The Hunger Games. I wanted to understand how to take the ethical theories and apply them to life’s choices.