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The Future of News Media

Newspaper Rollers with equipment beyond

Should news media change to a different format to reach more viewers? Most newspapers and TV news shows are losing audience and advertisers. Are they header for extinction? They have taken the road of being commentators without great success. Fox Media comes to mind as the lonely exception. Role There is a news role that…

Current Immigration Crisis and Islamic Civil War

Sunni and Shia in a tug-of-war

No one (except terrorists) believe we should allow immigration of likely terrorists into our country. The question arises in the interpretation of likely. Our mass media (NY Times, Fox, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc) should present a running total showing ¬†terrorist violence to date. It shows that terrorism results primarily from the Islamic Civil War.…

Knowledge Use

There are Facts. There are explanations which unite facts under a theory. There are predictions in which we try to forecast the future based on facts, theories, and a belief on how things will continue into the future.

Word Smithing and Facts


People sometimes ask what I mean when I say wordsmithing.I can’t always think of a good example, but I’ve found one in American Canopy by Eric Rutkow (p 65). An excellent book about the value and role that trees have played in America’s development. Talking of backwoodsmen or frontier hunters, Rutkow observes, “They were no…