Philosophic Dimensions

Dualism – separate reality for soul

  • One pole – atheist
  • Other pole – belief in a personal god
  • Mid-way – deist – unexplained first cause

Natural State – man’s natural predisposition

  • One pole – man is inherently good
  • Other pole – man is inherently selfish
  • Mid-way – man is only selfish until his survival needs have been met

Blank Slate – how does man know anything?

  • One pole – know nothing at birth, experience teaches us everything
  • Other pole – we are born knowing things
  • Mid-way – evolution presupposes us to particular ways of thinking

Philosophic questions, can they be understood well by the 3 philosophic dimensions?

  • Evolution – from randomness or design
  • Free will – determinism
  • Is man necessary for reality to exist?
  • Does God exist?
    • Do souls exist?
    • Do religious people believe their soul is independent of material world
  • How does consciousness relate to the soul?
    • If not, where does consciousness come from?
  • Are there moral absolutes?
    • From God or man’s evolution
  • Is abortion wrong?
    • Natural rights
    • Theoretical possibilities
  • Aesthetics – form and function

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