Government Posts Have Categories

The posts in the Government category span five areas of my attention and interest.  Since I live in the United States, its issues and concerns are prominent.

Different Governments are Concerned with Different Areas of Activity.

Different Governments are Concerned with Different Areas of Activity

Overall principles. Basic issues of many people acting in the same space. My basic positions on behavioral ethics, fact-based reasoning, status quo, change, inequality, and concern about unintended consequences. Although federal government is the usual domain, it is not the sole government involved in our lives.

Constitution. Free speech, individual liberty, gerrymandering, and treating corporations as persons are especial interests.

Economic Policy. I believe in free markets that are regulated to remove the asymmetry of information between consumer and enterprises. Economic value of civilization, society, and government. Some links between US economy, OPEC, EURO, and emerging markets.

Foreign Affairs. Foreign affairs inevitably impact domestic affairs as seen in terrorism and immigration. The balancing of individual rights and security requires continued vigilance.

Politics. The dynamics of political calculation interests me. Political skills can be used in the country’s service or for selfish concerns. Campaigns present us with promising words. After the elections, we see how many those words were hot air and how many were substance.

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