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Literary interests that arise from daily life. Books that affected me, stories that rise up to my pen, a few poems, and issues of craft.

Short Story Reality

A question that pops up semi-regularly:  How is a short story different from reality? First, in a short story all the facts, attitudes, and actions are focused on a single idea.  If the idea is that the search for excitement can lead you to dangerous places, then mentioning nice flowers don’t forward the story, so…

Natalie’s World

Natalie picked the mail up from below the rectory door slot on Saturday morning in late April. There was a large manila envelope from County High addressed to her.

First Home

“It’s crazy to be freezing, out in the wilderness, when we could be at home with hot chocolate.” My little brother, just thirteen years old, continued with complaints. The complaints started as soon as Father insisted that I take Joey on his first winter campout.

In the Cool of the Day

“In the Cool of the Day” had several points in common with the “Wasted Promise” story I’ve got percolating, merged with “Age Discrepancy” that I had to watch as much as I had time for.

On Writing Well – William Zinsser

Subtitle: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction Good, solid advice.  Now, add more content in Mental Construction. He also discusses writing family history.  Example his Writing About Your Life which is part his family story and part technique.

Creative Writing Feedback

Good feedback from teacher last night on a sample beginning I wrote up. He said that it wasn’t clear, soon enough who the main character was. I had too many named people for a short story.

Idea to Story

Some people start typing and see how the story develops.   I’ve tried that and my writing background is not strong enough to be guided by unspoken rules.  I think the English majors got them by osmosis while I was in chemistry lab. I develop a template to build out my stories.  I took ideas from…

Earthquakes in the Mind

We build continents of thought at different times of our development. Later when we notice that we are of two minds on one issue, it be due to this. From birth to 6, Base social and behavior skills,Imitative From 7 to 11, Surrounding Reality, Rational, Sets base of expectations Form 12 – 20s, World Reality,…

Ari Lox

Arithophilus Loxodrome sat comfortably in the window seat of an intercontinental jet. Flying at 31,143 feet (9492 meters) above the southernmost tip of the five freshwater lakes that were formed by the retreating glaciers of the Pleistocene Epoch, Ari wondered to what distance his natural ocular mechanism could allow him to observe the horizon?

Reviewing Fiction

I came across something recently that’s good advice for a casual reviewer. Instead of having to say you like something and write up thoughts, use BCD codes.