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Alien Sofa

My Favorite Martian

“Watch the sofa arms,” Edgar warned the movers as they approached his front door. With the sofa replacing his old armchair, he would have comfortable seats for all members of the philosophy reading group. They could sit and discuss reality in comfort. No one would be forced into hard-backed chairs.

Creative Writing Class

I finished the class this week.  As a final project, I created a Uncertain Ground, a blog magazine of the main pieces I wrote. Bingo Day starts I remember most of my time at St. Ambrose grade school with pleasure, but Bingo Day in the 8th grade is an exception. I never talk about it,…

Kinds of Words

In poetry I was stymied when asked to string together long sentences. Recently I came across the idea of dividing words up by meaning function. Now I see a dimensionality to writing that I can use. Example sentence: You, a citizen, six feet tall and owner of this book, are at home, at this moment,…

Class Writings

For Creative Writing, I’m developing a blog to show my writings.   Although the content is limited to coursework, I’ll post the link when it’s ready for my friends and family. Professor May refers to the collection as our portfolio. One little trick that I have to master is to fix particular efforts on pages rather…