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Literature is important to me, since my mother read Uncle Remus to us. That surely is a dated reference as well as a hoary old stereotype, but one shouldn’t deny the truth because it is inconvenient.

When I realized retirement was beckoning, I started taking fiction writing courses, since I saw that as my new job–convert my ideas into stories. Boomer was one result. This blog, Burning Thoughts, is another, as is Mental Construction, a theory of how neural operations affect our mode of thinking.

This category has numerous posts about writing techniques.

In the Cool of the Day

“In the Cool of the Day” had several points in common with the “Wasted Promise” story I’ve got percolating, merged with “Age Discrepancy” that I had to watch as much as I had time for.

On Writing Well – William Zinsser

Subtitle: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction Good, solid advice.  Now, add more content in Mental Construction. He also discusses writing family history.  Example his Writing About Your Life which is part his family story and part technique.

Idea to Story

Some people start typing and see how the story develops.   I’ve tried that and my writing background is not strong enough to be guided by unspoken rules.  I think the English majors got them by osmosis while I was in chemistry lab. I develop a template to build out my stories.  I took ideas from…

Earthquakes in the Mind

We build continents of thought at different times of our development. Later when we notice that we are of two minds on one issue, it be due to this. From birth to 6, Base social and behavior skills,Imitative From 7 to 11, Surrounding Reality, Rational, Sets base of expectations Form 12 – 20s, World Reality,…

Ari Lox

Arithophilus Loxodrome sat comfortably in the window seat of an intercontinental jet. Flying at 31,143 feet (9492 meters) above the southernmost tip of the five freshwater lakes that were formed by the retreating glaciers of the Pleistocene Epoch, Ari wondered to what distance his natural ocular mechanism could allow him to observe the horizon?

Alien Sofa

My Favorite Martian

“Watch the sofa arms,” Edgar warned the movers as they approached his front door. With the sofa replacing his old armchair, he would have comfortable seats for all members of the philosophy reading group. They could sit and discuss reality in comfort. No one would be forced into hard-backed chairs.

Creative Writing Class

I finished the class this week.  As a final project, I created a Uncertain Ground, a blog magazine of the main pieces I wrote. Bingo Day starts I remember most of my time at St. Ambrose grade school with pleasure, but Bingo Day in the 8th grade is an exception. I never talk about it,…

Kinds of Words

In poetry I was stymied when asked to string together long sentences. Recently I came across the idea of dividing words up by meaning function. Now I see a dimensionality to writing that I can use. Example sentence: You, a citizen, six feet tall and owner of this book, are at home, at this moment,…