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Two Thoughts Wide

Two thoughts wide The universe spanned Checkerboard strips across nature’s miracle Night dark crowded Constellations thin but connected Soaring high, frozen quick Neighbors friendly, landscape neat Homes warm with cooking dinner Goods cheap or dear Goods work or fail Beyond the realm Goods fair, Work yet cheap Sunday prayers, regular wishes Definite answers, questions long…

Technical Writing Course

Some of my classmates mentioned they wish they had my “Letting Your Subconscious Work for You” instructions to read before the semester began. The instructions essay describes a technique I’ve used since college.

Words Precise and Metaphors

Use words precisely and you communicate your meaning directly to the reader.  Use metaphors and the reader shapes your meaning onto their reality. I had to learn this.  Trained as a scientist with a career in software development enshrined precision as the pinnacle of communication.  It took a dream for me to see that loose…

Why Not Rich

How Come that Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not The title demanded from library shelf I understand the economy, the stock market Just the other day, I argued about the Fed I railed it shouldn’t exist Gave reasons and historical precedents I won the argument Today, my broker explained my gold fund tanked The Fed had…

Patterns and Creative Work

Patterns are good to start creative work, but concrete details are needed to be understandable to others and to finish the creation.

An example, I know a person who uses ‘always’ when something happens twice in a row, no matter the prior history. Two occurrences in a row becomes always to her. That type of assertion occasionally leads to faulty decisions.