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Boomer … Sees the Light

My short story collection, Boomer,  is now available at Amazon. Give it a look when you have a chance. All baby boomers are not the same. There are many strains of differences. The common suburban strain of long hair, dope smoking, and economic opportunity was a myth in some urban neighborhoods where work-a-day conservatism fought…

4 and 20 Years to Go

I always liked Stephen Stills song, “4 and 20 Years Ago.” Now I have maybe 4 and 20 years to go. That got me to thinking.

2012 Rearview Mirror

General areas where I wasted my time last year. I thought I better tout them again before they are obliterated by the press of internet speed

This Pen for Hire

I sugarcoat politician’s desires so that the hoi polloi will be tricked into thinking that’s the politician’s gain is in their interest. No one would vote for any politician if they knew the unvarnished truth.


It’s graduation time, which means different things to different people. I ain’t good enough for anything but second-string backcourt. No college scouts looked at me. I did get a school letter for my beat-up jacket. My bedroom door’s back up and shut. Praise be the Lord. I had to get that done. Now I can…

Sunday Morning Coming Down

It’s funny how things get remembered and forgotten. When I hear Johnny Cash singing “Sunday Morning Coming Down”, it takes me back to one wet, chilly Sunday morning in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Goodbye Charlie

The floating red bar reminded him of long ago, of the altar railing, which regular people weren’t allowed beyond. Charlie set his hands on the red bar, but pulled them back quickly. His palms were blistered.