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Conspiracy Theorists and Excuse Mavens

Conspiracy theorists and excuse mavens come from the same folly, using low probability events to make up stories and draw their conclusions. Shakespeare caught it perfectly. He draweth out the thread of his verbosity finer than the staple of his argument. All Hillary’s actions are subjected to the low probability interpretations to cast umbrage upon…

Dialog in Fiction

Dialog in Fiction I stumbled across a lode for creating realistic dialog in a surprising book. Before I get to that, let me just highlight some key elements that dialog in fiction must perform. Convey plot information Display the speaker’s attitude, background, and social strata Sound like people speak Create tension between the speaker’s goal…

Posting Approach

Posting about politics, religion, economics or lifestyle using a more rounded posting approach can make the difference to your assertion’s reception.

Letting Your Subconscious Work For You

The goal here is to link your memories with the course material. These memory hooks are your interests. In that way, you tie course information with your natural thinking rather than memorizing a cookbook of technical recipes.

Technical Writing Course

Some of my classmates mentioned they wish they had my “Letting Your Subconscious Work for You” instructions to read before the semester began. The instructions essay describes a technique I’ve used since college.

English on French

For this reason, perhaps, he is thought of in France as one of the great writers of the century, while English critics have been inclined to dismiss him as a windbag.

Words Precise and Metaphors

Use words precisely and you communicate your meaning directly to the reader.  Use metaphors and the reader shapes your meaning onto their reality. I had to learn this.  Trained as a scientist with a career in software development enshrined precision as the pinnacle of communication.  It took a dream for me to see that loose…