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Literature is important to me, since my mother read Uncle Remus to us. That surely is a dated reference as well as a hoary old stereotype, but one shouldn’t deny the truth because it is inconvenient.

When I realized retirement was beckoning, I started taking fiction writing courses, since I saw that as my new job–convert my ideas into stories. Boomer was one result. This blog, Burning Thoughts, is another, as is Mental Construction, a theory of how neural operations affect our mode of thinking.

This category has numerous posts about writing techniques.

Wet Weather

Wet Weather publ. in MENSA Best of the Best

The sky, greyed with storm clouds, hid the motions of the rain person. Between each drop and within many shadows moved the person who caused that which has no cause.

Novel Form

Freytag's Pyramid

Novels require suspense about the outcome between a determined person and a formidable obstacle. If the story cannot be cast in that shape, then another mode of telling the story is required

Live by the Word

Facts are surrounded by words

I spend a lot of time reading words, writing words, and thinking in words. And I’ve noticed a peculiar feature which sometimes happens to me. I start following the words of people who are involved in a dispute – both sides – more than I refer back to the actual actions involved. My thought train…