Category: Writing & Reading

Literary interests that arise from daily life. Books that affected me, stories that rise up to my pen, a few poems, and issues of craft.

Short Story Craft

Like Escher's Drawing Hands, I'm reading to understand writing craft for future stories.

Writing craft elements that I learned through practicing these last 10 years. Wanting to arrange in my mind, that means writing them.

Wordsmithing and Perspective

Pietro Aretino, the patron saint (or devil) of wordsmithing. He excoriated his patron's rivals.

Hearing a single wordsmith perspective again and again … the person may stop noting the image of a backwoodman, only see an antisocial vagrant.

Short Stories Surprise

Descent into the Maelstrom

Short stories can illuminate psychological truths without the effort to the writer or the reader of a full-length novel.

Zen in the Art of Writing

Ray Bradbury. 1975

Following Bradbury’s advice, I do a thousand words on stories, fleshing them out. Those that retain gusto, I go with and try to improve.

Wet Weather

Wet Weather publ. in MENSA Best of the Best

The sky, greyed with storm clouds, hid the motions of the rain person. Between each drop and within many shadows moved the person who caused that which has no cause.

Bingo Day

Bingo Day card

Most of my year at St. Jerome grammar school was a pleasure, but Bingo Day in the 8th grade was an exception.

Happy Path

One Happy Path

Blake developed a new status–‘The Happy Path’. If your program worked for good data, it was assigned to the Happy Path.