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Science and math issues that draw my interest and effort.

Truth or Utility

What does science know about reality? Since science works from particulars, how can it claim to give universal truths? I think of science as a collection of ideas, organizing empirical facts. That is, scientific laws are contingent on what facts we have. They are to be measured, in my opinion, not by their truth, but…

Energy Use

In reading ‘Biological Psychology’, I came across an interesting statistic.  Two-thirds of a person’s energy output is used to maintain body temperature!  I already knew that about 20% was used by the brain and I thought that an amazing amount, but temperature maintenance puts the brain’s requirement to shame. So 85+% of energy is already…

Black Hole Derivation

I was fiddling around with a particle accelerating to the speed of light in a gravitational field and arrived at the Schwarzchild radius. A nice surprise 24 years ago.


A sphere has 14% of its volume in its crust. A hypersphere of dim 19, has 62% of its volume in its crust.

Religion Science and Free Will

Religion, a belief in spirits beyond this world, doesn’t address directly free will. Some religions actively promote a belief in free will; others actively deny free will. Science, a belief that every event in the world is ultimately explainable, denies free will. Humanism is a free will mid-way position. Explanations are available but they can…