Category: Science & Math

I expected to be a scientist, but poor experimental skills killed that avenue and fatigue with abstract thought blocked the other. However, my interest in science and math never flagged. When working in data processing, I decided to return and get a masters. I chose computer science rather than a more business-oriented degree. The prospect of working on science projects still lured me.

These posts arise from curiosities and mysteries in the world of science and math.

MATLAB Excursion

MATLAB Excursion into Neural Networks

My MATLAB excursion, followed a break with a week in the White Mountains and another week at Old Orchard Beach. I found it hard to get directly back to editing my Mental Construction (MC) web site.       Hardware Search To ease back into thinking about neural network processing in the brain, I searched…

Calculating with Numbers

Colorful Integers

The pleasure of calculation first came to me in the second grade. Sister Madonna had just taught the class multiplication with the number 2. That night before dinner and then after dinner, I was thick in a calculation frenzy. Starting with 1 times 2, then 2 times the result, then 2 times the result, and…