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Trump Is Revolutionary

Trump’s proposals are revolutionary. He wants to Suspend parts of the freedom of press, so he can sue the media that he feels treats him unfair Kill terrorist’s families Suspend following the Geneva Convention Treat Americans differently based on their religion  

Your Home is your castle

If you’re old enough and from Maryland, you’ll remember George Mahoney of “Your home is your castle” catch phrase. The Baltimore Catholic Review lists some important historical highlights this week, including this from 1966. The newspaper publishes “open letter” to George P. Mahoney, a Catholic candidate for governor who courted the anti-integration vote. It says…

Ben Carson and Kim Davis

Here’s a quote of Ben Carson on his position with respect to a Muslim president. “I don’t care what a person’s religious beliefs are or what their religious heritage is. If they embrace American culture, if they embrace our constitution and are willing to place that above their religious beliefs, I have no problem with…