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Frequency of Messages – Impact

A crucial consideration is that mass media channels promote associations between political persons, issues, and value judgements. Do the reflect your realistic assessment? Is the volume of repetitions in agreement with the importance of the association?

Republican Tax Cut GDP Impact

Consumption by household income level

Only part of tax reduction flows through to GDP growth. There are two main components to investigate—increase of spendable income to households and increases to businesses. Purpose of Republican Tax Bill The question that a tax bill should answer is – will tax cuts help or hurt residents of the country, not does it right…

Bottom-Up Tax Cut

Consumption by income

Tax cuts should go to the lowest income earners. When they pay less to the tax man— they will still be paying FICA, property, and sales taxes— they spend that extra cash. More money will flow through all levels of the economy. This will grow GDP, because consumer expenditures comprise 75% of all GDP activity.…

Black-and-White Thinking, an Example

Each thing is either true or false. An image half black and half white.white

From a Reader’s Digest letter of a couple of years ago, under Points to Ponder Senator Elizabeth Warren misses the point when she uses the expression gun violence. The enemy in our society is violence of all types, and if we take away one tool, those who are driven to hurt others will find another.…

Two Campaign and Two Political Changes

People sitting around a large table counting votes by hand

The difficult campaign and election that we went through last year revealed that changes are needed. Both candidates declined to give important information. Various forms of interference occurred for which no Constitutional redress exists. Constitutional Amendment We need an amendment to nullify any election when the effect of fraud and foreign interference is greater than…