Category: Mental Construction

Mental Construction depends on neurons which make inexact matches. These matches form the foundation of your mental world. See my new website for a structured development.

People Get Drunk

Person 1: “People are idiots. They drink to feel better, but alcohol’s a depressant.” Person 2: “Maybe biologically, but psychologically it lowers their defenses, so they feel better.” Person 1: “They’re idiots, getting drunk all the time. They’re so stupid.” Person 2: “They’re not dumb. They’re in pain.”

Energy Use

In reading ‘Biological Psychology’, I came across an interesting statistic.  Two-thirds of a person’s energy output is used to maintain body temperature!  I already knew that about 20% was used by the brain and I thought that an amazing amount, but temperature maintenance puts the brain’s requirement to shame. So 85+% of energy is already…

Are You Rational?

In some discussions, if you claim a person is not being rational, it’s an insult of their ability to think.    I’d like to reclaim some positive territory for the act of thinking in a non-rational way.  How is that even possible? If you are not thinking rationally, aren’t you irrational, illogical?  No, there is another…

Strengthening Memories

You can strengthen your informational memories – people’s names, to-do lists, facts that you want to remember by two main tricks, mnemonics and the method of loci. I’ve posted some details in my wiki, Mental Construction.