Category: Mental Construction

Mental Construction depends on neurons which make inexact matches. These matches form the foundation of your mental world. See my new website for a structured development.

Energy Use

In reading ‘Biological Psychology’, I came across an interesting statistic.  Two-thirds of a person’s energy output is used to maintain body temperature!  I already knew that about 20% was used by the brain and I thought that an amazing amount, but temperature maintenance puts the brain’s requirement to shame. So 85+% of energy is already…

Are You Rational?

In some discussions, if you claim a person is not being rational, it’s an insult of their ability to think.    I’d like to reclaim some positive territory for the act of thinking in a non-rational way.  How is that even possible? If you are not thinking rationally, aren’t you irrational, illogical?  No, there is another…

Strengthening Memories

You can strengthen your informational memories – people’s names, to-do lists, facts that you want to remember by two main tricks, mnemonics and the method of loci. I’ve posted some details in my wiki, Mental Construction.  

Memory Types

Much has been discovered about how memory works.  Some of it surprising, like we don’t have a video recorder that plays events back, but we reconstruct what happened by what seemed important to us and fill in the missing pieces from our general knowledge. A good place to start is what types of memory exist…

Memory Types

Working memory has two special processes to note. The visual-spatial scratchpad helps us answer questions like ‘how many windows in your house?’ We also have a phonological loop that we use for reasoning, ‘to talk to ourselves’, and to prepare for hypothetical situations.