Category: Mental Construction

Mental Construction depends on neurons which make inexact matches. These matches form the foundation of your mental world. See my new website for a structured development.

Knowledge Use

There are Facts. There are explanations which unite facts under a theory. There are predictions in which we try to forecast the future based on facts, theories, and a belief on how things will continue into the future.

Biological Stages Tied into Knowledge Categorization

Main Knowledge Stages

Basic biological stages: Ties into the knowledge categorization I posted a few days ago. Immediate knowledge. Nascent human brain, shaped by genetics, to shuttle sense data to the sensory lobes of the cortex. Neurons, by features innate to their operation, arrange repeated sensory data into distinct patterns Secondary knowledge. Using immediate knowledge, the limbic system…

Paradigm Shifts

One problem of using probabilities to relate world facts in one’s worldview is … when a contrary event occur, a person is able to fit the event as an acceptable fact within one’s worldview, by forcing one’s probabilities to allow it.