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We share many commonalities, including tremendously similar genetics and a common will to survive.

Some Brain Connections are Not Complete until Your 20s

nerve cell showing myein sheath in repeating units on a long axon

Myelination Do you know that some brain connections are not complete until your 20s? The process is called myelination. It is the coating of neurons with a chemical insulator which makes a signal travel along it up to 100 times faster. There is signal regeneration at the nodes of Ranvier. The effect is similar to…

Troublesome Inheritance Thoughts

Four children of different skin color

            Troublesome Inheritance is a polemic by Nicholas Wade to develop his position—racial differences are real and account for the differential success of individuals and societies. He claims that there is a 14% genetic difference across the races. The differences are not uniquely different DNA strings (we’ve all heard that humans and chimps only differ…

Almost Gate

… the neuron’s Almost Gate can be opened by different inputs and yet it gives the same output

Stone Age in New Guinea

It’s not an intellectual superiority of Western population that accounts for societies’ differences, but differences in soil and local wildlife.

Two Types of Thinking

The Dual Process theory divides a person’s thinking in two streams – immediate action to external reality and slower planning by logical decision-making.

Two Methods of Thinking

Pattern-matching, like analogy, where we treat partial matches like exact fits. It’s possible to make errors. It’s possible to jump to a good answer without complete information. This is the source of much intuition and creativity.