Category: Reasoning

Reasoning and inferences allow us to choose behaviors

Heating Electricity Usage

I was surprised. This chart of our electricity usage by average outside temperature shows a wide variance in our usage at the same temperature.

Brainstorm Short Circuit

When my right hand shaking started to affect my hand writing, I converted fairly easily to keyboard writing. I’d been programming a computer since my early 30s. Yet, when it continued worsen and I could no longer draw boxes, label them, and connect them with arrows, I lost a lot of brainstorming ability. I had…

Home-Grown Terrorists and Islamic Civil War

We have to stem the easy conversion of Muslims born or raised in America and Europe from turning to terrorism. I call it “easy conversion” because we have no slogan, no bumper sticker logic that counteracts the radical Islamic call to fatwa against the demon West. We need a baseline statistic and a slogan that…

Unemployment Rate by Schooling Level

It’s also interesting to see the unemployment rate by schooling level (p.23 of the National Center for Education Statistics study). Unemployed in 2012 (11% total of the 2002 high school sophomore class) less than high school completion (25.9%) high school diploma or equivalent (15.0%) post-secondary attendance but no post-secondary credential (14.1%) undergraduate certificate (11.8%) associate’s…

Decision Model Ethics

I recently finished a class, Ethics in Literature. In it, the focus was extreme cases—Frankenstein, Antigone, The Hunger Games. I wanted to understand how to take the ethical theories and apply them to life’s choices.