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Reasoning and inferences allow us to choose behaviors

Brainstorm Short Circuit

When my right hand shaking started to affect my hand writing, I converted fairly easily to keyboard writing. I’d been programming a computer since my early 30s. Yet, when it continued worsen and I could no longer draw boxes, label them, and connect them with arrows, I lost a lot of brainstorming ability. I had…

Unemployment Rate by Schooling Level

It’s also interesting to see the unemployment rate by schooling level (p.23 of the National Center for Education Statistics study). Unemployed in 2012 (11% total of the 2002 high school sophomore class) less than high school completion (25.9%) high school diploma or equivalent (15.0%) post-secondary attendance but no post-secondary credential (14.1%) undergraduate certificate (11.8%) associate’s…

People Get Drunk

Person 1: “People are idiots. They drink to feel better, but alcohol’s a depressant.” Person 2: “Maybe biologically, but psychologically it lowers their defenses, so they feel better.” Person 1: “They’re idiots, getting drunk all the time. They’re so stupid.” Person 2: “They’re not dumb. They’re in pain.”