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Reasoning, Knowledge, Mental Stance, and Commonality

Culture Origins

Figure 1. Man against nature without culture

Culture is the collection of fossilized behavioral solutions of our cultural ancestors that we have adopted. They support the continuation of society.

Up a Steep Hill

My new focus. Immediately in front, like a cheetah chasing prey

As I rode my bike up the steep hill, I kept focused on the top of the hill—to the distance I had to achieve.

Electric Usage and Temperature

Figure 3. Temps (blue) given on the left vertical. Electric usage (red) given on the right vertical

When the temperature (blue) is high, the electric use (red) is low. Contrariwise, when the temperature (blue) is low, the electric use (red) is high. They have opposite seasonal trends.

Martian Ethics

Normally, when I read a book, I try to make a few notes to remind myself of my reactions to the contents—otherwise, my reactions seep into my general mindset and I have little recollection where they came from. And more importantly, when the book comes up in a discussion, I’ll remember I read it, but…

Thinking in Daily Life Category Post

I’ve always been interested in how our thinking affects our daily life. I suppose that’s not surprising; I’ve been in Mensa since 1973 and that organization revolves about intelligence. My interest in thinking in daily life fall mainly in four areas: mental perspective, examination of actions, learning, and how we got mentally to thinking how…

Heating Electricity Usage

I was surprised. This chart of our electricity usage by average outside temperature shows a wide variance in our usage at the same temperature.

Morality Absolute or Relative

Is there an absolute moral standard?

It’s essential to understand that there are relative and absolute moralities contending in our decision-making. Which shall rule – personal conscience or societal dictates?