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Politics is the influencing and exercising of power, especially in government policies.

The Grinch Who Ate Democracy

Paul Ryan, the newly elected speaker of the house, has agreed to use the majority of the majority, aka the Hastert rule, to decide which bills are brought to vote before the full House.

Government and Corporations

“The government of the people, by the people, and for the people” doesn’t mention corporations – yet corporations now deeply influence the people’s government. People interested in the political world know about 2010 Citizens United ruling that allows corporations to give unlimited funds to political causes. But corporations are not people, they are economic constructs…

Conflicting Rights

The essence of the most intellectually difficult problems in laws and government is the resolving of conflicting rights. A simple example is the right to smoke cigarettes and the right to not inhale cigarette smoke.  How do laws resolve this?  In the US is to rule unilaterally that one rule governs.  For decades the right…

Class Warfare and Status Quo

This detail from an illustration in a 1911 Industrial Workers of the World publication depicts a class of workers struggling to hold up finely dressed elites while they drink and dine. Rhetoric about class warfare has waxed and waned in American politics, and is frequently employed by both sides in debates about tax law and other economic policies.

Both sides use the term class warfare. Once that alarm is raised, neither side listens to the other’s argument, contradictory claims are left hanging

Political Maneuvering

In a democracy, if you lose the vote, you should respect the result. A difference of opinion on this issue seems to be the crux of the US government’s paralysis. (more)

Boston Bombing and Texas Fertilizer Explosion Emotional Responses

Mushroom cloud above city from a distance

The difference in reaction to the Boston bombing and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion shows the powerful role that emotion plays in our responses to the twin tragedies. Both were beyond a normal person’s control.  They both are random events from the individual’s perspective.  Logically we should react to them and respond to them as…