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Politics is the influencing and exercising of power, especially in government policies.

Scapegoating – Advantages and Disadvantages

Scapegoating. Ostrich with head in the sand. Ignoring reality

Scapegoating – I’m talking about blaming an entire group of people for the acts of a few of the members in the group. Muslims and Mexicans have been recently used as scapegoats. Two problems in the US are acts of terrorism and weakness in the economy. It’s convenient to blame the problems on Muslims and…

Another Ball in the Air

What strategy do you use if you are overwhelmed? When I hear a hare-brained project proposed by a politician, it reminds me of a scheme an old boss of mine, another ball in the air.

Election Thoughts

Presidential Candidate Requirements Some thoughts about presidential elections to ensure we have adequate information to make informed selections. • Must release the results of a current physical exam by an objective physician. Only major impediments to the strenuousness of the duties • Must release the results of a current psychological exam by an objective physician.…

Evaluating Trump – A Baker Dozen Questions

Economics Do you care that his economic proposals will increase the national debt by trillions? Do you believe that his proposed change in trade policies will restore manufacturing jobs lost in prior decades rather than start a tariff war hurting all countries? Temperament Do his habit of grade school verbal insults, instead of answering questions,…

Conspiracy Theory Feature

Definition Conspiracy theory from Merriam-Webster. A theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups. Feature A theory relies on a string of events, some of unknown probability. A conspiracy theory treats new information in a unique way. When an explanation is given for…

Conspiracy Theorists and Excuse Mavens

Conspiracy theorists and excuse mavens come from the same folly, using low probability events to make up stories and draw their conclusions. Shakespeare caught it perfectly. He draweth out the thread of his verbosity finer than the staple of his argument. All Hillary’s actions are subjected to the low probability interpretations to cast umbrage upon…

Daffy Donald’s Tall Tales

Daffy Donald tells so many tall tales that our heads are still spinning from the last whopper when the next one comes out of his mouth. That’s a main reason he gets away with it. While we’re searching for some truth, he’s busy shifting the floor of reality. Listening to him is like a visit…

Trump Is a Bully

On a forum I frequent, someone called Trump a bully, but the charge was just shrugged off by Trump supporters. It’s a disservice to make the charge without rounding it out so his supporters know why you feel the way you do.

Trump and the Constitution

He’s against freedom of religion, wanting to ban all Muslims from entering US.

He’s against freedom of the press. He wants the right to sue news media which he feels are unfair to him.

Trump Is Revolutionary

Trump’s proposals are revolutionary. He wants to Suspend parts of the freedom of press, so he can sue the media that he feels treats him unfair Kill terrorist’s families Suspend following the Geneva Convention Treat Americans differently based on their religion