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Five areas are the focus of my attention and interest.

Overall principles, Constitution, Economic Policy, Foreign Affairs, Politics

Constitutional Paradox

Get out of jail free card with Hillary laughing

This dangerous inconsistency in the Constitution, allowing Presidents to overpower the judicial branch, needs to be amended by removing Presidential pardons.

Live by the Word

Facts are surrounded by words

I spend a lot of time reading words, writing words, and thinking in words. And I’ve noticed a peculiar feature which sometimes happens to me. I start following the words of people who are involved in a dispute – both sides – more than I refer back to the actual actions involved. My thought train…

Black-and-White Thinking, an Example

Each thing is either true or false. An image half black and half white.white

From a Reader’s Digest letter of a couple of years ago, under Points to Ponder Senator Elizabeth Warren misses the point when she uses the expression gun violence. The enemy in our society is violence of all types, and if we take away one tool, those who are driven to hurt others will find another.…

Education K-12 Minimum Goals

Reaching for the stars. Young girl seeming limitless possibilities

It takes some hubris to suggest changing in education K-12 with 3 million teachers working their best in the field, but K-12 education is not doing well. Also I want to understand more clearly the conflict between Trump’s Secretary of Education and public school systems. General education, kindergarten through 12th grade, should develop all students…

Two Campaign and Two Political Changes

People sitting around a large table counting votes by hand

The difficult campaign and election that we went through last year revealed that changes are needed. Both candidates declined to give important information. Various forms of interference occurred for which no Constitutional redress exists. Constitutional Amendment We need an amendment to nullify any election when the effect of fraud and foreign interference is greater than…

The Future of News Media

Newspaper Rollers with equipment beyond

Should news media change to a different format to reach more viewers? Most newspapers and TV news shows are losing audience and advertisers. Are they header for extinction? They have taken the road of being commentators without great success. Fox Media comes to mind as the lonely exception. Role There is a news role that…

Impact: Personhood at Conception

What impact could a legal opinion that personhood begins at conception have? In my state the likelihood of such an amendment has always been small, but recent political events make even the strangest probabilities possible. Personhood Amendment Let’s consider the text of the Colorado proposed amendment of 2014, which was voted down. Shall there be…