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An important role that the federal government must perform. States and municipalities should not be making foreign policy.

Terrorism Focus

Terrorism in Civil War

Muslim extremists are focusing on the West. That’s the background idea in many conversations. That’s not right.

Gas Explosion and Speed of Recovery

Front. One house completely missing,another one half missing

Probably two years before the replacement townhouses are ready for occupancy. Such is the speed (or lack thereof) for an isolated disaster. Unfortunately, that is magnified when the disaster is widespread, with multiple communities are competing for the same rebuilding resources.

Scapegoating – Advantages and Disadvantages

Scapegoating. Ostrich with head in the sand. Ignoring reality

Scapegoating – I’m talking about blaming an entire group of people for the acts of a few of the members in the group. Muslims and Mexicans have been recently used as scapegoats. Two problems in the US are acts of terrorism and weakness in the economy. It’s convenient to blame the problems on Muslims and…

Current Immigration Crisis and Islamic Civil War

Sunni and Shia in a tug-of-war

No one (except terrorists) believe we should allow immigration of likely terrorists into our country. The question arises in the interpretation of likely. Our mass media (NY Times, Fox, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc) should present a running total showing  terrorist violence to date. It shows that terrorism results primarily from the Islamic Civil War.…

Home-Grown Terrorists and Islamic Civil War

We have to stem the easy conversion of Muslims born or raised in America and Europe from turning to terrorism. I call it “easy conversion” because we have no slogan, no bumper sticker logic that counteracts the radical Islamic call to fatwa against the demon West. We need a baseline statistic and a slogan that…

Iraq – 3 Countries

Have you noticed that ISIS is basically a Sunni state? The rump of Iraq that remains is a Shia state, while the Kurds effectively have a state in the north. Sectarian/religious fighting, a la India’s partition in the late ’40s, is occurring with ethnic cleansing by genocide and migration.

War Powers Act

A law that is ignored by presidents, unenforced by Congress, and left fallow by the Supreme Court


I was wondering – how much freedom do the former countries of the USSR have now?