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The essential document outlining the powers of the Federal government and its limits.

Constitutional Paradox

Get out of jail free card with Hillary laughing

This dangerous inconsistency in the Constitution, allowing Presidents to overpower the judicial branch, needs to be amended by removing Presidential pardons.

The Future of News Media

Newspaper Rollers with equipment beyond

Should news media change to a different format to reach more viewers? Most newspapers and TV news shows are losing audience and advertisers. Are they header for extinction? They have taken the road of being commentators without great success. Fox Media comes to mind as the lonely exception. Role There is a news role that…

Impact Personhood at Conception

What impact could a legal opinion that personhood begins at conception have? In my state the likelihood of such an amendment has always been small, but recent political events make even the strangest probabilities possible. Personhood Amendment Let’s consider the text of the Colorado proposed amendment of 2014, which was voted down. Shall there be…

Trump and the Constitution

He’s against freedom of religion, wanting to ban all Muslims from entering US.

He’s against freedom of the press. He wants the right to sue news media which he feels are unfair to him.

Your Home is your castle

If you’re old enough and from Maryland, you’ll remember George Mahoney of “Your home is your castle” catch phrase. The Baltimore Catholic Review lists some important historical highlights this week, including this from 1966. The newspaper publishes “open letter” to George P. Mahoney, a Catholic candidate for governor who courted the anti-integration vote. It says…

Ben Carson and Kim Davis

Here’s a quote of Ben Carson on his position with respect to a Muslim president. “I don’t care what a person’s religious beliefs are or what their religious heritage is. If they embrace American culture, if they embrace our constitution and are willing to place that above their religious beliefs, I have no problem with…