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Five areas are the focus of my attention and interest.

Overall principles, Constitution, Economic Policy, Foreign Affairs, Politics

Trump’s Impeachable Offenses

It’s important that impeachment discussions focus on the most glaring offenses. Otherwise his supporters can ignore the major, respond to the minor, and in sum claim that impeachment is just sour grapes by anti-Trumpers. What are Trump’s Impeachable Offenses? Ignoring the Constitution. He is not king, but must honor the separation of powers and treat…

Political Framing Issues

George Washington in service to his country

Trump is a master at playing the media and focusing attention on his issues on his terms. National Conversation Here are three items a vibrant press should ensure enhance the national conversation. Ten million more Americans in 2018 voted for Democratic representatives than Republicans. A clear rejection of Trump positions and attitudes, yet rarely mentioned…

Wordsmithing and Perspective

Pietro Aretino, the patron saint (or devil) of wordsmithing. He excoriated his patron's rivals.

Hearing a single wordsmith perspective again and again … the person may stop noting the image of a backwoodman, only see an antisocial vagrant.

Creative Destruction and the Social Contract

We are rightly proud of the economic achievements capitalism and hard work has brought to the US, but free market capitalism is not a flawless mechanism. I have posted elsewhere about income inequality. Here I want to focus on a flaw in creative destruction.   Here’s the definition from MIT economics. Creative destruction refers to…

Government Economic Policy Importance

20% of Economy. US Federal Government Economic Activity

The federal government must sensibly handle its huge budget. Its selection of projects of national interest is immensely important. Lastly, but not least, it must regulate some economic activities to ensure that free markets are not distorted by hidden information.

Terrorism Focus

Terrorism in Civil War

Muslim extremists are focusing on the West. That’s the background idea in many conversations. That’s not right.

Positive Principles

The American Dream must work for a society that serves its members.
The wealthiest American benefit greatly by a well-running society and should continue to contribute as such.