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I’ve been a fan of economic analysis since my high school days, when I read an article in the Baltimore Sun which explained how government contracts with a 10% profit limit can be gotten around. The trick involved setting up multiple companies, each passing off the contract to the next with their 10% built-in profit.

As an undergraduate, I minored in economics. My career has been in data processing, focused on financial systems.

I support free markets with regulations to protect their honest operation. My sympathy lies with the hard-working employee, since  executives already take care of themselves.

Aggregate Effects of the Top 1%

Consumers drive 70% of GDP. Earners in the top 1% of income have received 93% of the income growth since the depths of the Great Recession (Bloomberg). A surprising fact about those high earners. They only consume 21% of their income (Tax Policy Center).

Aggregate Effects in the National Economy

Some people argue that raising the minimum wage will hurt the lowest tier of workers because it will cut the number of jobs that are available to them, yet the statistics show that does not happen. How can such a reasonable line of logic fail to lead to a valid conclusion?

Euro Divergence

When you strip away all the non-economic aspects in Euroland and just focus on the currency, they basically have created fixed currency ratios (only to a single standard rather than to each other’s currencies). Fixed exchange ratios (a la SNAKE) always fail, because there remains different inherent productivity rates which must alter exchange rates –…

Grand Pursuit – Sylvia Naser

Subtitle – The Story of Economic Genius I’m about ¾ finished.  Too much biographic detail, gives context for economic problems arose in, but too much biography obstructing the view of the theory for my taste. Pre-WWI Panics. Slowly, dawning recognition of relationship between falling prices, amount of currency in circulation Post-WWI Hyperinflation. Printing of money…