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German 10 Yr rate 1.5% lower than US 10 Yr rate

How can German 10 Yr rate be more than 1.5% less than the US 10 Yr rate? The German rate is 0.23%, while US Treasury rate is 1.92%! The most likely answer is that investors think that the difference in local currency valuation will disappear as the euro falls against the dollar. The euro exchange…

Thoughts From the Days Interactions that I Want to Draw More Meaning From

Thoughts come and go during the day.  Some I’d like to know more about. Income Inequality.  Vision statement.  Society is for people, not markets.  Markets are a means, not an end.  Yes, equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome; but free markets don’t guarantee equality of opportunity – proof: firms only want equality of opportunity…

Minimum Wage Increases GDP

When the minimum wage is raised, don’t overlook the effect on GDP. Money is being transferred (in the starkest version) from the owner’s profits to the worker’s pocket. The owner’s consumption of his excess income is much less than the worker’s consumption requires. More of the worker’s income goes into economic activity, increasing GDP rather than going to the owner’s savings.

Aggregate Effects of the Top 1%

Consumers drive 70% of GDP. Earners in the top 1% of income have received 93% of the income growth since the depths of the Great Recession (Bloomberg). A surprising fact about those high earners. They only consume 21% of their income (Tax Policy Center).