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The Economic Value of Civilization

USA Wealth Intangible components separated

Since capitalists value everything by the dollar, let’s look at society and civilization in that way. A Small Businessman Example From a BBC article on Trump’s Hispanic voter ‘Doomsday,’ Mr. De La Fuente says,  “In my business 30% is owned by the United States government and 10% is owned by the state of California. I…

OPEC Extra Cost

Not stressed enough is the effect the oil price had on economic activity from 1973 to last year. The artificially high price of oil and energy caused GDP growth to be less each year that the economy labored on OPEC-inflated oil costs.

Fed Call for 2 Per Cent Inflation

The Fed’s call for 2% inflation is an indication that economists don’t have a complete economic theory that explains both production and price changes. If they did, they would advocate 0% inflation.

The great bulk of real inflation since 2009 has been in the stock market, making people who already own stock wealthier.

Media: Free Market versus Status Quo

We have a nice insight now into how little capitalists value the free market when it conflicts with the status quo. In the past year as OPEC lost control of cartel pricing, the price of oil has fallen from $100/barrel to $50. Do we hear the financial talking heads on MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, and other…

An Empire of Wealth. John Steele Gordon

I didn’t start with a specific intent to find fault with the economic narrative. On the whole there’s much to admire about the book; nonetheless, the antagonism to the Glass-Steagall Act was striking in revealing Gordon’s short-sightedness. Totally oblivious to the coming financial crisis, with banks taking massive risks with depositors money that the government, not banks, had to guarantee.

German 10 Yr rate 1.5% lower than US 10 Yr rate

Spreadsheet of yields and imputed exchange rate

How can German 10 Yr rate be more than 1.5% less than the US 10 Yr rate? The German rate is 0.23%, while US Treasury rate is 1.92%! The most likely answer is that investors think that the difference in local currency valuation will disappear as the euro falls against the dollar. The euro exchange…

Inflation Measurement

The sticker shock you get in the grocery store is apparent inflation. Real inflation occurs when your income can’t buy the same daily goods with your salary or when you have to work longer to earn enough to purchase that market basket.