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Fed Call for 2 Per Cent Inflation

The Fed’s call for 2% inflation is an indication that economists don’t have a complete economic theory that explains both production and price changes. If they did, they would advocate 0% inflation.

The great bulk of real inflation since 2009 has been in the stock market, making people who already own stock wealthier.

Your Home is your castle

If you’re old enough and from Maryland, you’ll remember George Mahoney of “Your home is your castle” catch phrase. The Baltimore Catholic Review lists some important historical highlights this week, including this from 1966. The newspaper publishes “open letter” to George P. Mahoney, a Catholic candidate for governor who courted the anti-integration vote. It says…

Media: Free Market versus Status Quo

We have a nice insight now into how little capitalists value the free market when it conflicts with the status quo. In the past year as OPEC lost control of cartel pricing, the price of oil has fallen from $100/barrel to $50. Do we hear the financial talking heads on MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, and other…

Electric Lights Across America

What would the blogs and forums have made of the outrageous image of a man with flames shooting out of his mouth? Lacking standards and in a rush to be electrified, towns found themselves saddled with shoddy work. Birds and insects attracted to the light were killed in large numbers, their tiny bodies littering the…