Month: April 2017

Superstitious Behavior and Uncertainty

Superstitious man in suit with fingers crossed

Imagine this situation. A pigeon is being trained to peck at a lever to receive reinforcement – a typical behavior modification experiment. Let us suppose that in this case the pigeon learns the sequence of desired actions while its head is tilted to the right. The head tilting is not part of the actions the…

Math And Science Affect How I Think and Write

The energy of activation that must be surmounted for a reaction to occur

When I make an argument or write an essay, it’s math and science that shape my thoughts, much more than the two English classes I took as an undergraduate. Minimal Orthogonal dimensions From vector space theory, construct a set of axioms which span the space of discussion and make those premises independent of each other.…

The Future of News Media

Newspaper Rollers with equipment beyond

Should news media change to a different format to reach more viewers? Most newspapers and TV news shows are losing audience and advertisers. Are they header for extinction? They have taken the road of being commentators without great success. Fox Media comes to mind as the lonely exception. Role There is a news role that…