Month: May 2016

Louisa May Alcott

Reading has always brought me pleasure, but I came to enjoy writing only after many years. It fascinates me how writers came to their calling. On Amazon Prime the other night, I watched the American Masters biographical documentary of Louisa May Alcott. She was much different and more complex than my imaginings. Her history was…

Trump Is a Bully

On a forum I frequent, someone called Trump a bully, but the charge was just shrugged off by Trump supporters. It’s a disservice to make the charge without rounding it out so his supporters know why you feel the way you do.

Unemployment Rate by Schooling Level

It’s also interesting to see the unemployment rate by schooling level (p.23 of the National Center for Education Statistics study). Unemployed in 2012 (11% total of the 2002 high school sophomore class) less than high school completion (25.9%) high school diploma or equivalent (15.0%) post-secondary attendance but no post-secondary credential (14.1%) undergraduate certificate (11.8%) associate’s…

Wilde Lake – Book Snapshot

Enjoyed Laura Lippman’s latest novel. Her novel, dense with local color and a few early episodes of dramatic content, yet morphed in the middle to feel like a literary novel, delving into the nuanced psychology of high school and adult personal life. I was lulled into taking situations, facts, and explorations at face value without…

Trump and the Constitution

He’s against freedom of religion, wanting to ban all Muslims from entering US.

He’s against freedom of the press. He wants the right to sue news media which he feels are unfair to him.