Month: March 2015

Posting Approach

Posting about politics, religion, economics or lifestyle using a more rounded posting approach can make the difference to your assertion’s reception.

German 10 Yr rate 1.5% lower than US 10 Yr rate

Spreadsheet of yields and imputed exchange rate

How can German 10 Yr rate be more than 1.5% less than the US 10 Yr rate? The German rate is 0.23%, while US Treasury rate is 1.92%! The most likely answer is that investors think that the difference in local currency valuation will disappear as the euro falls against the dollar. The euro exchange…

Conflicting Rights

The essence of the most intellectually difficult problems in laws and government is the resolving of conflicting rights. A simple example is the right to smoke cigarettes and the right to not inhale cigarette smoke.  How do laws resolve this?  In the US is to rule unilaterally that one rule governs.  For decades the right…