Month: January 2014

Black Hole Derivation

I was fiddling around with a particle accelerating to the speed of light in a gravitational field and arrived at the Schwarzchild radius. A nice surprise 24 years ago.

Why Not Rich

How Come that Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not The title demanded from library shelf I understand the economy, the stock market Just the other day, I argued about the Fed I railed it shouldn’t exist Gave reasons and historical precedents I won the argument Today, my broker explained my gold fund tanked The Fed had…

Thoughts From the Days Interactions that I Want to Draw More Meaning From

Thoughts come and go during the day.  Some I’d like to know more about. Income Inequality.  Vision statement.  Society is for people, not markets.  Markets are a means, not an end.  Yes, equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome; but free markets don’t guarantee equality of opportunity – proof: firms only want equality of opportunity…