Month: October 2013

Festival at Thurmont

The bright streamers seemed pennants of aristocratic families and fair beauties. Local peasants hawked their handiworks, made in the dim light of the fireside, after long hours of hard labor on their master’s domain. The lab morphed into a palomino, lead by Lady Rowena. The tournament at Ashby would begin if the weather cleared.

2 dichotomies in 2 days

Reminds me that there are 2 kinds of persons: those that divide things into 2 classes, and those that don’t

Two Big Questions

1. If a person believes in religion, then events are subject to supernatural interventions. How then can one deny voodoo, black magic, reading of minds, evil curses, and the like?

2. Since science explains everything by cause and effect, how can anything we do be attributed to free will?