Month: August 2013

Rules of Thumb

Talking over the weekend about software development, reminded me of some rules of thumb I used to bring some order to the thicket of possibilities in software development.

Christine Falls

Most of the pleasure … psychological unfurling of Dr. Quirke … the author enjoys using opposite emotional valences to describe an event, a linguistic chiaroscuro.

Are You Rational?

In some discussions, if you claim a person is not being rational, it’s an insult of their ability to think.    I’d like to reclaim some positive territory for the act of thinking in a non-rational way.  How is that even possible? If you are not thinking rationally, aren’t you irrational, illogical?  No, there is another…

Knowledge at Work

Back when I worked in the maw of a huge bureaucracy, I arrived with the notion that the best idea would win out, that the best answer to any question was the most accurate precise information that could be given. I was disabused of this perfectionist attitude in two stages.

Strengthening Memories

You can strengthen your informational memories – people’s names, to-do lists, facts that you want to remember by two main tricks, mnemonics and the method of loci. I’ve posted some details in my wiki, Mental Construction.  

Memory Types

Much has been discovered about how memory works.  Some of it surprising, like we don’t have a video recorder that plays events back, but we reconstruct what happened by what seemed important to us and fill in the missing pieces from our general knowledge. A good place to start is what types of memory exist…