Month: April 2013

Boston Bombing and Texas Fertilizer Explosion Emotional Responses

Mushroom cloud above city from a distance

The difference in reaction to the Boston bombing and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion shows the powerful role that emotion plays in our responses to the twin tragedies. Both were beyond a normal person’s control.  They both are random events from the individual’s perspective.  Logically we should react to them and respond to them as…

Can everybody be sensible, yet come to different conclusions?

Some personality dimensions I use. They show how people who disagree are not being illogical, but are evaluating the facts and possibilities of reality differently.
Dimensions: Stability – Dynamic, Pragmatism – Purism, Risk-Reward tradeoff, Immediate Satisfaction – Delayed Gratification, Natural – Theoretical, Logical-Creative


Nemesis by Philip Roth A novel of a young man caught in the paranoia surrounding a polio epidemic, how it affects him during the time and then for the rest of his life. The impact of polio on a Newark neighborhood in 1944, before the etiology is known.  Because it strikes mysteriously, most everyone formulates…