Month: February 2013


“Judy.” My little sister calls across the basement.  “Judy, Momma wants you to come up for lunch.” I jump back from the basement window, where I’d been waiting.  “Clara, don’t sneak up on me.”  I bite off the end of a red licorice stick.  “Tell Momma I’m not hungry.”  I wag my finger at her,…

How is a bicycle like probability?

They were both invented centuries after the ideas they were based on were first discovered. Back in Roman times, there were wheels and gears; but no one thought to put them together into a bicycle under the early 1800s. Since ancient Egypt, betting games using dice were popular pastimes.  However it was the mid 1600s,…

Two Methods of Thinking

Pattern-matching, like analogy, where we treat partial matches like exact fits. It’s possible to make errors. It’s possible to jump to a good answer without complete information. This is the source of much intuition and creativity.