Month: June 2012

Mr. Catastrophe

I lifted the window pole to open the front window from the top. Out the bottom of my eye, I saw a boy about my age, wearing a small dark yarmulke, playing on the schoolyard blacktop. The Jewish kids had the day off. Not us. I dawdled when I got to the back window, watching the boy. He extended his right hand grasping some yellow thing and pulled on a string. A brilliant yellow whirly bird spun up into the September breeze.

Writing Class

In my writing class, the teacher uses story to mean the emotional aspect and plot to mean the physical events.  It’s useful to analyze stories in with those 2 dimensions in mind, but I worry about confusion using the generic term ‘story’ in his class.   A short story means more than the emotional.  It means…

Word Smithing and Facts


People sometimes ask what I mean when I say wordsmithing.I can’t always think of a good example, but I’ve found one in American Canopy by Eric Rutkow (p 65). An excellent book about the value and role that trees have played in America’s development. Talking of backwoodsmen or frontier hunters, Rutkow observes, “They were no…

This Pen for Hire

I sugarcoat politician’s desires so that the hoi polloi will be tricked into thinking that’s the politician’s gain is in their interest. No one would vote for any politician if they knew the unvarnished truth.


It’s graduation time, which means different things to different people. I ain’t good enough for anything but second-string backcourt. No college scouts looked at me. I did get a school letter for my beat-up jacket. My bedroom door’s back up and shut. Praise be the Lord. I had to get that done. Now I can…

Euro Divergence

When you strip away all the non-economic aspects in Euroland and just focus on the currency, they basically have created fixed currency ratios (only to a single standard rather than to each other’s currencies). Fixed exchange ratios (a la SNAKE) always fail, because there remains different inherent productivity rates which must alter exchange rates –…