Month: September 2011

The Waitress on the Red Vespa

There was a fresh person remarked upon at Chincoteague Island: the waitress on the red Vespa. Jonathan Dorsey had been at the beach house since the first week of summer. He breakfasted daily in front of Sugarbakers at a iron sidewalk table. He was slicing French toast when a fine-looking woman, with blowing black hair, and a white waitress skirt whipping up in the wind, crossed the island bridge on a red Vespa.

Failure of Old Solutions

In the ’30s when it was like this before, it didn’t end until bigger worries overshadowed the economic problems of low demand and declining prosperity. The increasing of tariffs and austerity programs made the Great Depression worse.

Emergent Quality

An emergent quality is seen when the fallacy of composition is examined.

There are two ways that the fallacy of composition comes into play:

Creative Writing Feedback

Good feedback from teacher last night on a sample beginning I wrote up. He said that it wasn’t clear, soon enough who the main character was. I had too many named people for a short story.