Month: July 2011

Deficit Reduction, A Project that is Failing

Every proposal on deficit reduction is at odds with the last greatest proposal. In project development, when every approach is 90 or 180 degrees away from the previous one, that project will fail – and usually be replaced by a band-aid project that has negative, unanticipated consequences.

Idea to Story

Some people start typing and see how the story develops.   I’ve tried that and my writing background is not strong enough to be guided by unspoken rules.  I think the English majors got them by osmosis while I was in chemistry lab. I develop a template to build out my stories.  I took ideas from…

Corporation Personhood

Under the prevailing interpretation of the US Constitution, corporations have the rights and responsibilities similar to people. In most ways, I don’t have a problem with that, but …

… it’s wrong that they can actively participate in the political process. The country exists to promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of real people, not artificial associations of people.

Is Everything Logically Connected?

Can you always find the reasons that things happen? In fact, does the web of reasons extend so far that everything that does occur it linked to everything else that occurs?

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