Month: June 2011

Earthquakes in the Mind

We build continents of thought at different times of our development. Later when we notice that we are of two minds on one issue, it be due to this. From birth to 6, Base social and behavior skills,Imitative From 7 to 11, Surrounding Reality, Rational, Sets base of expectations Form 12 – 20s, World Reality,…

Ari Lox

Arithophilus Loxodrome sat comfortably in the window seat of an intercontinental jet. Flying at 31,143 feet (9492 meters) above the southernmost tip of the five freshwater lakes that were formed by the retreating glaciers of the Pleistocene Epoch, Ari wondered to what distance his natural ocular mechanism could allow him to observe the horizon?

Financial Scenario

The US needs to better balance its budget and stem the national debt which depend of an economic recovery with job growth and the end of the housing disaster. What might happen if we don’t make more noticeable progress? The US dollar exchange rate could fall dramatically. The cost of imports from China will rise…

Black-and-White Thinking

When I say something online, I have more than once seen it attacked by a logical equivalency which is only true if you believe everything is black-or-white. For instance, my statement: The US should not be an ostrich and ignore events in Yemen. Reinterpreted and attacked as: The US should bomb Yemen because of events…


How much will $100,000 invested in the stock market be in 10 years?

It could be as little as $61,000 or as much as $319,000.

Curiosity Never Satisfied

Some will never be satisfied with the explanation they receive.

By the very nature of language, by the very nature of our approach to problems, they feel it is always appropriate to ask again “But why is that so?”