Month: May 2011

Reviewing Fiction

I came across something recently that’s good advice for a casual reviewer. Instead of having to say you like something and write up thoughts, use BCD codes.

Paul Ryan Rhetorical Skill

On last Sunday’s talk show, I got to hear Paul Ryan talk about his budget proposal. I was very impressed with his rhetorical skills – corresponding disappointed in that ability of his questioner.

Alien Sofa

“Watch the sofa arms,” Edgar warned the movers as they approached his front door. With the sofa replacing his old armchair, he would have comfortable seats for all members of the philosophy reading group. They could sit and discuss reality in comfort. No one would be forced into hard-backed chairs.

Creative Writing Class

I finished the class this week.  As a final project, I created a Uncertain Ground, a blog magazine of the main pieces I wrote. Bingo Day starts I remember most of my time at St. Ambrose grade school with pleasure, but Bingo Day in the 8th grade is an exception. I never talk about it,…

Exorbitant Privilege

Reading Barry Eichengreen’s latest book.  He is excellent on explaining  econ history, but not so much on future projection.  ‘Exorbitant Privilege’ is about the benefit to the US of the dollar as a reserve currency and what the current problems  and possibilities are. Here are two nice facts he provides. And insofar as foreign banks…

Pride and Prejudice

I recently watched the Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth miniseries.  It was great Lizzie’s face and manner when Wickham brought up the matter of the vicerage he was to have had The dialog on point and modeled to character Wonderful compression of scenes to only that portion that carried essential meaning Casting and supporting characters…

Beyond Red and Blue

Beyond Red and Blue by Peter S. Wenz.  A descriptive, non-judgmental discussion of 12 types of political philosophies as applied to 14 societal issues. Typically people use a mix or weighing of philosophies to decide their final position. Click on link for more details, including occasional notes I’ve added to clarify the philosophies to myself.…