Month: January 2011

Unintended Consequences

It’s sadly funny that conservatives can imagine the most bizarre unintended consequences of government actions (e.g. death panels) yet they think that the unintended consequences of their speeches (don’t retreat, reload; 2nd amendment remedies) is an abomination of sense that mustn’t be countenanced.


In 1980, just out of college, I got an internship in a large company to do revenue forecasting. The combination of economics and math was right up my line, so I was hot to show how sharp I was.

Philosophic Dimensions

Dualism – separate reality for soul One pole – atheist Other pole – belief in a personal god Mid-way – deist – unexplained first cause Natural State – man’s natural predisposition One pole – man is inherently good Other pole – man is inherently selfish Mid-way – man is only selfish until his survival needs…

Deduction and Induction

Deduction is the normal operating mode of the left side of the brain using logic on facts. Induction is the normal operating mode of the right side of the brain using pattern-matching on incomplete information. Normal humans have both operating modes and the results of induction can be used with the results of deduction and…

Briggs-Myers for Philosophy

Is it possible to span the philosophy space by a small number of vectors? This probably has lots of holes in it, but for starters here’s three dimensions. Belief in a Soul.  Separate from the physical world.  Dualism Natural State.  One extreme is Eden, the other is ‘short, nasty, and brutish’ Blank Slate.  From strict…